Every Media Move Matters...We'll Lead.

Success requires careful [media] planning.

Let’s say you have a truly phenomenal product or service to offer. And, maybe you’ve retained the most creative professionals in the business to craft an appealing, persuasive message that is sure to induce people to knock on your door, call you on the phone or check out your online presence. You still need to reach your intended audience.

That’s where Tango Media comes in.

As a service-driven, results-oriented media research, buying and planning agency, Tango Media offers a comprehensive range of national and local media-buying services that spans traditional and digital media, including:

  • TV (broadcast and cable)
  • Radio (local spot and network)
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Outdoor (billboards, transit, etc.)
  • Online banner, display and PPC

When you work with Tango Media, you can expect prompt, professional service, affordable rates and extensive expertise in negotiating the best possible placement and rates. We take an innovative, agile approach in developing efficient, cost-effective media plans designed to deliver the results you seek.

Based in Phoenix, Tango Media serves clients in key markets such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, San Diego, San Francisco and Honolulu. Tango Media is the strategic partner you’ve been searching for to turn your advertising budget into more measurable impressions, leads and sales.

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Real Estate


Health Care

Luxury Products