Tango steps

Finessing the ultimate performance.

While learning to do the actual Tango might present a challenge, doing business with Tango Media couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is tell us the results you want to achieve and provide certain basic parameters, such as your budgetary considerations and deadlines. We can take it from there.

Using the latest research and state-of-the-art software and technology, we’ll develop an effective media program tailored specifically for your business. We’ll negotiate exceptional value in your media plan, with no wasted time or money — yours or ours. At the same time, we’ll go the extra distance to make sure that the people you want to reach not only see, hear or read your message, but they also remember it and follow through.

Just as your business is unlike any other, so are your media planning and placement needs. Tango Media offers expertise in:

  • Customer profile analysis
  • Research of appropriate media vendors
  • Media plan recommendations
  • Requesting media vendor proposals
  • Evaluating all components
  • Negotiating media rates
  • Value-added media inclusion
  • Finalizing the buy
  • Generating insertion orders
  • Confirmation of scheduling
  • Invoice reconciliation and payment
  • Affidavits and proof of performance
  • Post-buy reports